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November 20, 2008



i teeter between obsessive admiration and blood-curdling hate with a capital H. I'm sorry but i just can't STAND the woman (yes, you're right, it probably does have something to do with the colour green = envy) - firstly she's a bit too thin to make sense and secondly I feel the whole Extreme Mother Earth thing that she is ramming down everyones throat including her own, is an alarming sign of neediness that she really should address without resorting to yet another adoption (adoption is not the answer, Ange). Guiltily though, I admit to watching her recent appearance on a BBC Radio interview, and I was just floored by her beauty - it was almost impossible. The Skin, the Bone Structure, the LIPS - I mean, OF COURSE Brad's gonna leave Jen for THAT!
But I can do without seeing her and Brad (the 2 together really make me nautious) as well as hearing about her motherhood habits, thank you very much. I did appreciate the lipstick tip though.

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