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August 23, 2009



one of the perils or joys (whichever way you decide to look at it) of living here in this part of the world, is that in Summer EVERYONE has to strip off and lie by the lake/river. here it's no biggy - all the ladies just strip off, whether rakes, hourglasses or more on the chubby side. I have really noticed how it just doesn't bother them. they do it with confidence and manage to look good, whatever their size. and another thing: something i never in a million years would have worn back home, ie. hotpants (NO, NOT SHORTS, BLIMMIN DENIM HOTPANTS!) i now wear on a daily basis in the summer. IN PUBLIC. it's just too hot to start fussing about my thighs, i reckon. some will argue that hotpants are not a good look for a middleagedmum but i beg to differ. i'm not THAT old yet, quite young at heart and love wearing them with some of Zara's brillian summer tunics and fliplops. i have about 28 bikinis (women here NEVER wear onepiece swimsuits unless swimming competitively) and my collection grows by the season. there's a MASSIVE market here for bikinis. all those wonderful UK designers should take note... give us your S/S '10 swimwear collection!!! we need it!


steffi just remind us all which part of the world you are in? Ax

sue evans

Please Steffi, I really need to know so's I don't go there ...... the thought of EVERYONE having to strip off and lie beside a lake is my worse nightmare ......jelly-bellies of the world unite !
Sue x


hey girls, chillax, don't panic. it's not as bad as you think, really! we live in the southern part of Switzerland, in the italian speaking part called Ticino by Lake Maggiore. the fact that EVERYONE let's it hang out as soon as temperatures rise above 25 degrees, is a great incentive to just join in. you really should try it. it's liberating! x


We'll take your word for it Steffi, I'm heading back to the Almond Magnums and Dundee cake with a renewed sense of confidence .ax


Sorry steffi but hanging out with the neighbours in my underwear is not for me either. The europeans do summer so much better than we Brits (maybe cos ours is so short) and being scottish, I'm even less inclined to get my bits out !!! Xxx

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