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September 25, 2009



TOTALLY agree with you on the singer-turned-designer thing. I really feel for the design graduates who work their socks off and struggle to get a foot on the ladder, whilst these 'celebs' just waltz in and bung their name on a label, and get all the free press.
I'm almost tempted to go and have a look at this range, so intrigued I am to see just how nasty it is!


I wouldn't waste your time, hang on for the +J at Uniqlo this week and see some real designers in action. I'm sure Yasmin is a lovely person an' all, but I think she should stick to the day job....


You're right. Will definitely be there Thursday!

Sue Evans

Well we have Lindsay Lohan for Ungaro to look forward at the Paris shows this week. Makes you really glad you went to college for 7 years to learn how to be a designer........
Ms Lebon was front row at every show at LFW so maybe she'll have learnt a bit more about fabric by next season.


Now I've seen +J at Uniqlo and experienced the best designer collaboration we're likley to see this year, i'd tell Ms Le Bon to take out an internship with Jil Sander if she's really serious at designing.

I think she has flair, for sure, but attending a couple of design meetings and knowing Sir Phil does not a successful designer range make.

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Yasmin Le Bon is so sexy and haves an awesome style, she is my kind of girl, I love her hair.


It is quite hard to know how to buy specially if you want to save money. People should learn how to buy things.

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