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January 03, 2010


Silent Storyteller

Great selection.. lots of my favourites too...wishing you both a great 2010!


Thanks SS, Happy New Year to you too


Thank you ladies! But wait, while you're trying to edit the blogs you look at you've just added to my list - aargh! I haven't been reading many blogs during the past few months as Twitter has taken over my life but unlike you, I miss my blogs and want to spend more time reading them. *Brain explodes*


Thank you for this wonderful list.

I am enjoying your blog every day and look forward to reading it!
Have a fantastic 2010 and please continue with your blog!

Many thanks,


Wonderful list of blogs you have. I too am totally transfixed to What Katie Wore and will miss it when they call it a day. Also love Tavi and her Style Rookie blog.


Love Tavi too Jude. She is so quirky and wise for her years. I SO want Jo to propose to Katie on the last day of What Katie Wore. We met them at a blogging event and they are so sweet. He started the blog as a love letter to her!! Or am I being impossibly romantic!!
We love blogs more than magazines now, and we have spent our lives obsessing over magazines!!

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