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January 18, 2010



A freshly laid table!!! Preferably the lunchtime one that I prepare every weekday for my two sons and that has become my ritual since moving here. So important are the components (not to mention the symbolic value): white plates, rustic cutlery and featuring strongly always is my beloved utilitarian glass caraffe filled to the brim with our mountain water! Here is today's sunny table: http://www.twitpic.com/yn3fy



I'd go for a hot bubble bath and clean sheets on the bed (not changed by me) as being one of simplest and best pleasures in life.


Watching things grow ... especially when they're growing very fast like my £1.99 amaryllis. I think waiting for its frilly red flower to open is the grownup equivalent of planting mustard and cress on a saucer because it grows visibly overnight. And then it bursts open, like a glamorous, flouncy ballgown, much more satisfying than a saucer of straggly bits for a sandwich! Especially if, like me, you're not green-fingered.
I bought it in a pound shop ... and it's been making me happy all week.


Loving the comments, really cheered us up on a grim misty Monday morning, thanks ladies
J xx


* bare feet in sheepskin slippers
* watching my daughter sleeping
* finding the woodburner still glowing in the morning


a book I can't bear to put down - but don't want to finish
a picture drawn specially for me by one of my grandchildren
being the first person to walk on virgin snow
the first snowdrop to flower in my garden
paddling in the sea


The sound of my monthly Red magazine dropping onto the doormat. Opening it up to find a brand new unopened glossy magazine. A sit at the kitchen table with a diet coke to start reading it!

Sue Evans

Coming home from a hard day in the office and middleaged husband's welcoming smile and hello,a G&T and my slippers to hand ( well, he does work from home) ......

Monday night cos it's 2 Corries and an Eastenders .....

The Today programme and a pot of tea at 6am ....

Buying fresh flowers every week ....



A large pot of tea (earl grey or lapsang), to be drunk while knitting and catching up on the recorded telly (or better still, a favourite film).

More summery simple pleasures are watching the sky darken over the sea while I sit on my back step with a glass of something or trying to out-bounce my son on the trampoline!


Ladies, these are just terrific! How are we going to choose, Jane? Ax


Its going to have to be a pick em out a hat job, because they are all fab. J x


Having a spare afternoon(which I have lots at the moment) to watch episodes of The Wire back to back.Bliss!!!

Kath Klassen

Pulling weeds in the garden (large cup of tea always at hand, as at every other minute of my day).

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