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January 06, 2010


That's Not My Age

Oh me too! She is gorgeous - saw CBB last night and loved the fact that la Beacham seems to spend most of the time lounging around in dark glasses. She was brilliant in Corrie too - bring her back!


It's all in her pout, and her voice. Such an icon!


Loved her sticking her hand up chickens bottoms, she even did that with dignity!!

Sue Evans

Can't wait for her to sail back up the Salford canal in Corrie like the Queen of the Nile and give Ken night tremours -- mind you he must get them looking at the veins in Deidre's neck every night .....


i love stephanie beacham:] she's the best im obsessed wiv her i cnt help it i crnt belive she is 63 now cuz she was 63 on 28th of feb i love her 2 bits i wish i could meet her but that will never happen an that really really upsets me :'( but i love stephanie beacham :)

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