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February 02, 2010



Fantastic!! I have been looking for something like this.
Thanks so much. I look forward to checking them out!


Yes for the fashion addicts style.com lets you flick through all the runway shows from New York, Paris, London and Milan look by look during fashion weeks, great for those few spare moments and very addictive! On a more practical note the trainline app is super for mainline train times and even provides local taxi numbers at the destination station.


our very own middleagedad has just joined the land of the living and purchased his very own iPhone and of course the FIRST app (apart from the run tracker *yawns*) he got, was Bloom. An apostle of Eno, he is now a very smug iPhone owner.


Kate I have heard that the trainline one is very good too, and style.com! excellent! Bloom is SUCH a boy thing....bless 'em

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I use the level app on a daily basis it seems.

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