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April 05, 2010



Don't give up just yet on the dream of jelly eggs! Next year, perhaps try those plastic eggs that are used to hide little treats in for very young children? Do you have those in the UK? (Here they are ubiquitous; my children prefer to find money in them.) I'd think they would make fab molds, perhaps with a little non-stick spray applied?

On the other hand, perhaps this chapter is over.


Oh yes we do have those plastic egg shapes, now you come to mention it so I guess that would work better, it would be hard to work worse and really I am wondering why I ever thought it was a good idea, I mean what kid wants jelly over chocolate, or money? Ax


Love this post! I can relate in so many ways...tried many Martha project myself and always amazed at the simple complexity of them. I love Easter and admire you gusto to try something new that in concept should have been fab!


Well normally things go reasonably well, but this one seemed a bit doomed. But it hasn't put me off being adventurous!Ax


Oh it was so worth trying - just so you could write this post - hilarious!

You could try 'blowing' the eggs instead of trying to crack them - http://www.wikihow.com/Blow-Out-Eggs.


funny this because my mum showed me a lovely retro picture from the 1950's of a jelly egg and we were discussing how miraculous and novel it was! Enthusiastic 9 year old daughter almost got us doing them, but then got sidetracked into planting carrots in her new veg patch. phew...i did laugh to see your picture.....i can quite imagine the scene.


Boyfriend says you clearly should have filled chocolate eggs with jelly. Everyone's a winner.


Ah ha! that's the answer for next year! chocolate covered jelly eggs, Love it! Ax

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