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April 19, 2010



A couple of years ago I bought my son the Vivitar ViviCam 6200W as the really robust rubbery casing meant it was 4-year-old-proof and the cameras specifically made for kids took lousy photos. I wanted something he could continue to use for years, was drop-proof, sand-proof, waterproof but took decent photos. It was cheaper than the branded kid's cameras too!

It's digital, 6xzoom and the pics are easy to upload (especially by card reader) and good battery life too.

Definitely a success here as my (now nearly 6 year old) son uses it a lot.


Thank you for inspiring me to think about the possibilities for our family holiday this year. While the sites you mention are out of stock, www.digitalwaveuk.com stocks them at around £40.


Well done on finding a source for even cheaper ones Nichola. We've been using the camera for a week now and really it's fantastic, the quality is outstanding for such a little thing. And of course great fun for kids to use as Jo says, it really is very tough. Ax

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