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May 01, 2010



I have been meaning to watch that advert for a couple of days now but haven't found the time until now. What a wonderful ad. It gave me goosebumps all over - I'm feeling mortal now that I'm 40 and it is only now that I start to realise how very short life really is. Ho Hum, off to do some shopping that should cheer me up - if only we had John Lewis here !


Sobbing now



The soundtrack is a reworked version by Fyfe Dangerfield who lives across the road from us in Stoke Newington.


thanks Carol, even better, never been a bit Billy Joel fan !!
J x


Actually, now I've mopped up my tears, I think the ad is actually a teeny bit condescending in that at no stage is our girl shown to be working. She is a mum, a cook, a server of drinks and desperately cute at seven, but does she have a job I wonder? Does it matter? Am I being a bit of a mad feminist? Ax


oh God I watched it for the first time only this week and of course a few seconds in, that stinging in my eyes followed by ridiculous real tears. Very annoying cos I agree with Amanda, she's only ever really portrayed as a girl, girlfriend, wife, expecting mother, mother, grandmother end of! End of???? No way! Where's all the rest of our fantastically fulfilling life? You see the problem. x


Maybe TWR should be chatting to John Lewis.....Ax

Marieke Macmahon

No - she definitely had a briefcase at one stage.

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