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November 13, 2010


That's Not My Age

I always use rolled up magazine - I see it as recycling, a more environmentally-friendly solution than those nasty plastic tree things.


and a great way to store all those old Vogues I can't bear to throw away......Ax


Oh! This is brilliant! I've got a stack of mags I was just going to take to recycling, but now I'll put them to use right at home. Thanks!

fluff and fripperies (Emma)

Thank you! I shall be testing out this tip. Just recently happened on this blog and am loving what I've found.


gorgeous brown boots! where are they from?


They are Miu Miu from two season ago, I love them too.....Ax


And incase anyone's interested the black ones are from Emma Hope, they cost a LOT and the heels kept falling off, both feet....Ax

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