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November 16, 2010



I'm sure all those overweight women she bullied in her show will be pressing the redial button..


I had resolved not to watch it this year, but caved in after only one show, and am now hooked. You don't reckon she's putting it on, all that shrieking, just for the show?
Why don't men scream like that do you think, is it down to social conditioning?


Jude, I am beginning to think that might be the case.....how come she didn't freak about the rats yesterday? it was only when Lembik rang the bell she freaked.....perhaps that's a bit mean....Ax

Gillian Taylor

I am well known in my family for loving all the programs I am really too old (53) to watch - Celebrity anything, essex,bb, X, Strictly and as for my deep love of Take That - don't get me started! Funny because I look quite normal on the outside!!! This new series of Celebrity and my namesake Dr Gillian is just too hilarious for words so I def will not judge you for watching!!!!


Go Gillian (both)!

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