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January 13, 2011


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Great interview and page layout!
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Is anyone having difficulty leaving a comment here? There have been reports of trouble..... if you are then email Jane and I directly on the mail addresses on the left hand side


Just the thought of that turkey neck sent me screaming for the hills. I’m all for growing old gracefully but there are limits. That’s got to be heavy sunbathing damage surely? My mum’s neck never looked like that! Once I’d had a calming bar of chocolate (I’m a firm believer that the chemicals in chocolate boost serotonin levels and the fat plumps up the skin) I crept up to the mirror to check out my own neck. A little saggy to be sure and I’ll admit to a few wrinkles if pushed. The chocolate seems to be slightly missing the mark; I’ve often wondered why you can’t get it on prescription. But I’m just going to have to keep up the chocolate consumption until something better comes along. Hopefully that will be in the form of a tube of Coenzyme Q10.
(via email from Sandy Lewis)

sue Evans

Seems I missed out on the opportunity to test the Radical Firmness Serum and believe me I do need something radical so I am holding out high hopes for the neck cream on offer. The dictionary definition of a Neck mentions words like columns, violins,an isthmus, which all sound elegantly graceful. But then it goes on to talk of neck'beef or " the coarse flesh of the neck of cattle". Now that sounds a little more like the neck I see every morning in the mirror, either that or a crepe bandage - either way I want to return to a smooth isthmus-like state. Help needed and fast !


I'm worried about my neck
As it's starting to look quite saggy
The skin has lost its elastic
And appears somewhat baggy.

The aging process scares me
Am I past my prime?
A luxury cream to smooth the way
Would be absolutely sublime.

Emma x


Loving the comments so far, especially Emmas poem.
J x

the song inside

Now that is a look to avoid..... makes a nicely rounded double chin seem almost appealing. I would love to trial and review this product. Any help to fight the inevitable wrinkles very welcome. Sarah x


Do let me know how the reports come back---this is vital for Amanda/Belinda's New York chum with the dodgy chin/neck situation. I'm too young for my neck! Help!


Ok so the winners are Sue, Emma and Sarah. Email me you addresses ladies and I'll send them off to you asap.

J x


I enjoyed reading the entries for this competition of turkey necks. I didn't get here in time. I'll like to be there for the next one. You all made me smile. Very creative.

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