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January 14, 2011


That's Not My Age

I would love a real Mackintosh coat, instead of my Gap version!


They are lovely, those bright colours really would cheer up a rain cloud day no end. Like today, in fact. And yesterday, and probably tomorrow too Ax


That Lime Green Mackintosh looks lovely - but is it supposed to be all crumpled and wrinkly looking like that - I mean if they are asking that kind of money for it surely the least then could do is give it an iron ?!!!

Fab colours though - I'm all aglow with the though of all the fab colours that are going to be in the shops this summer and all the clashes that I can make happen ! Bring it on !

Sensible Footwear

Lovely raincoats and beautiful colours. I love that long, un-belted style. And actually rain-proof as well.

I've got a (Gap) trench which is about as water resistant as a cotton bed sheet - a bit useless in a downpour.

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nordstrom bedding

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