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February 17, 2011



Amanda this is clearly a sign and you have only one option - *whispers in a friend to friend kind of way* stop shoppng!

J x

Jo-an Jenkins

Yes! Have just bought a special plastic box to house my collection. Where will this end?


at least your collection is TASTEFUL! You should see my lot....

Anna Wilson-Patterson

Anyone with spare bags could donate them to me, please! Opening my Studio to visitors means shoppers expect packaging and returning unsold works to artists means I am always short of bags.


STOP SHOPPING? I'm sorry I don't know what that means......A


We have a cotton bag at the shop - some of our regulars bring us back a batch now and then and we re-cycle them by re using them for new customers - so that's an option!


Oh that we had this problem over here in the land of plastic in which I live.

If you go to the supermarket here with your beautiful selection of purpose bought re-useable bags - the bag packers take them from you with a bewildered look, put them to one side and then start to use plastic - more or less one, possibly two items in each plastic bag should do the trick - until you shout (or ask politely if you aren't so hacked off by the same nonesense every time) at them to please use the bags you have given them - they don't quite know what to do with themselves. Re-useable bags are not made of plastic - very confusing - they are large - so you clearly need to put more than one item in them - even more confusing - usually I end up taking over and getting even crazier looks - a Western woman, packing her own shopping bags, next she'll be taking off all her clothes and running up and down the date aisle !!!! It's a mad place to live !


Amanda can't stop shopping, she's (possibly) the only person keeping the economy going.

Make them into a heavy duty quilt top? I have to say some of them look remarkably pristine and (ahem) unused, if you ask me. I think you're just collecting them...


Actually Marv I IRONED them for the shoot, I assure you I am TRYING to use them. Becky, I have fantastic images in my head of you bossing about the poor supermarket people in the Middle East, it's quite made my day. I wonder if you should be doing us regular posts on life as an ex pat.
Kate, I wish I was organised enough to take my bags back, but you have inspired me to try harder. I may send all mine to Anna for her art......Ax


I love my http://www.chicobag.com and their repurposing program for reusable bags that have reached the end of their useful life are donated to The Grateful Thread and repurposed into new products.


Amanda - I have found I have become MUCH bossier since living here - not that I wasn't bossy to start with of course - it's the exasperation of course - the inteptitude levels here are sky high - don't get me started. Anyway - if you have anything you'd like to know about being an expat in the Middle East - I'd be happy to help !


That has made me laugh this morning, the thought of you ironing the bags to take pics of them. Far more street cred to have left them filthy and crumpled! What did MAD and Teens say (or did you not iron in their vision)? x x x

sue Evans

Amanda, these are actually important archival objects, documenting our times and as such should be packed and stored in the garage along with the Laura Ashley skirt to be brought out in your dottage to form the core of a fabulously illutrated but totally useless coffee table book.
Alternatively, wise-up and get them on eBay ........


The best one I've ever seen, and, sadly never asked the woman who it belonged to, where she got it, was a crushed strawberry colour- very chi-chi -and had "Use me until my bottom wears out" written on it.
Z xx


How about taking them with you when you go shopping - and I don't mean just supermarket shopping. I mean have them with you when you're in Puma with the son.
I always keep one in my handbag, and if I buy anything - from the paper to socks, from milk to a book - that's where it goes. Hardly ever ask for a fresh bag, and that' not just from the supermarket.
Also, a nice idea is to use them as wrapping for presents - much in the Japanese fashion for using scarves for such purpose. That would also solve the problem of passing them on to your friends. Surely they couldn't accept the present and shove the wrapping back into your hands? :)

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