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February 22, 2011


Sue Evans

Come on ladies -- issues, interviews, things that affect everyone over 40, not catwalk videos. We can see them on Style.com don't need them secondhand on our favourite blog .......


Oh there are so many things I would love to wear from this collection. Xxxx

Dinah Hall

Oh I so disagree. One, I can't be bothered to go on Style.com. Two, these have been specially selected so we don't have to wonder if we really should be watching Issa....

But I do wonder what would happen if a model accidentally smiled on the catwalk?


Oh Sue we are sad you don't like the vids, we're rather excited to be able to offer short sharp highlights of the best shows, and they don't come from Style.com, they are direct from London Fashion Week via Rightster (ie not copied off someone else's links), which not everybody is offered, so we were quite pleased to be involved.

Also it gives us a chance to edit down what we really liked from the shows, as Dinah says, so it's edited highlights, saving you time.
But let's see what everyone thinks by the end of the month, do we want more shows or not ladies? Do let us know! Ax


As a postscript to that last post, can I just say I am FED UP TO THE BACK TEETH with Jennifer Garner and Neutrogena...can we have a new ad please? Ax

Sue Evans

Yes, I have the very same vids straight from LFW live on WGSN so maybe I am slightly jaded.I just don't think they are very important in the scheme of life. I think we look to you two for far more than fashion -- informed opinion, a viewpoint on issues that affect us all, witty and pithy notes on the humdrum of life, all offering us the chance to open a discourse on things we all care about. Don't think many of us will be wearing Giles somehow ......


More shows please. I've loved watching these selected videos. I religiously trawled through each of Day 1's stills on style.com (don't have access to WGSN) but then couldn't be bothered to do the same for another 4 days and relied on your videos for a snapshot of the other days - much more enjoyable that way.
Its great to see the original influences at the outset - once we get close to the Autumn season I know you will come up with your "Remember that trend from back in February? Well, here's the wearable version for us from the high street" sort of thing.

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