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May 13, 2011


J Ballard

Living in Cambridge and having 4 'fashionable young things' for offspring, I find my self surrounded by the beauty that is youth! The smooth skin, glossy hair, white straightend teeth are all taken for granted by these beautiful creatures. A stroll round the town on any day of the week throws up a wealth of simple yet effective styles, from designer wear to Oxfam. I smile and enjoy their handsome looks, competing is simple not an option. No amount of Botox, fillers or facelifts could give you the freshness and form of these lovelies. It must be remembered that we too all had that quality, we just didn't know it at the time!

Amanda Wright

I completely agree. I find it very reassuring when I see my lovely daughter and her friends because I feel the world is as it should be and the next generation has taken up the baton. Plus I find their optimism and energy infectious,I will never look like them again but occasionally its fun to remember and think like them!

Andrea Steel

I have just been to London for a few days and I have to agree it is the young people who seem so adventurous in their style. I have been a fan of the Sartorialist blog for a while, but finally after these last few days I get what he is trying to achieve. There are so many people with the same "high street" look it was fantastic when I saw someone who looked different, who had their own sense of style and interpretation. In the main this was the younger generation, but I did spot a number of older women who really had an individual style and looked so very confident in what they were wearing, made me think it was time to re-vamp my wardrobe!


Yes I am continually insipid by the young and old people I seee very day on the streets of London. The high street has a lot to answer for in making everyone look the same!

J x

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