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    June 05, 2011


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    Very useful!!! I visit their site atleast twice everyday! and their timely updates to your mobile are the best part! Saves time when u have to buy something for a party right after work!


    Cool stuff. I registered straight away. Thanks for the article. Luckily I am living in London. This is gonna save me so much time and money.


    Excellent! So much better to have all the sales info on one website, instead of getting e-mails from lots of different companies.


    Salesgossip is my wardrobe’s best mate and my bank account’s worst nightmare – Its temptations galore and blown my new year’s resolution of no shopping out the window. Have to shop when there are great sales!

    Thanks to salesgossip, I have picked up some amazing bargains and found some real gems, and bought things that I thought were way out of my league at a fraction of the original prices. Best of all, I get notified of a sale when it starts, so I stand a chance of getting things in my size rather than in finding things that I like but its either way too big or too small for me!!

    I heart salesgossip!

    edit mp3

    So you moved? That's something new. But thanks for letting us know so we could follow you.

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