The women’s Room is an on line community created for 35 plus freethinking, intelligent, stylish women. It’s like a really useful conversation with one of your smarter, funnier friends.

Jane and Amanda have day jobs in the fashion industry and know more than a little about writing for the web. With a combined service record of 50 years in the business we know about clothes. We also know that as a group, us 35 plus women are fascinating, fun, know a lot and love to learn more

We created the Womens Room for women like us: to inform, share and collaborate on lifestyle and fashion, in an honest, witty and inspiring way. We want to connect to women on a daily basis and allow them to connect with each other. We want to build a supportive community, break down traditional age barriers and celebrate where we are in life.

Amanda is a committed urbanite, who knew from the age of six that she wanted to live in a town and London is the best one she’s found, so far. Annoyingly, most of her best friends now live happily in the countryside, meaning she has to venture out of her comfort zone occasionally. Having spent her entire working life in the fashion industry as a buyer, merchandiser, retailer, lecturer and writer, she is frequently incensed by the lack of attention paid to women of 35 plus. The Women’s Room is a joyous way to fill the gap. An inveterate clutterer and buyer of odd things, her house, which she shares with her husband and three sons, looks like a cross between a museum, an art gallery and a shop.

Jane is a creative eccentric and collector of people and things. She lives mainly in North London and sometimes Suffolk. She is a trend forecaster, designer, writer, lecturer and creative thinker. The Womens Room is the culmination of 20 years experience in fashion and life and brings together all the things she loves. Still not afraid to look ridiculous in the latest trend, she is a middle aged mum, wife, friend, sister, daughter and general nosey parker.

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