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December 30, 2008



have printed out my very own full moon dates now. will keep an eye on my moods as would be lovely if there really was GOOD SOLID evidence for my monthly uncontrollable, unbelievably irrational behaviour - it's true, at times I really do fear for the lives of my gorgeous, beloved sons and husband....


I so identify with this. I spotted the link a few years ago and even though I have a coil so am blissfully free of periods, my mood is still affected. On commenting to a very good friend recently that I was feeling fed up she immediately asked if I had PMS,having experienced my tetchiness before. She was of course absolutely right about the cause of my misery. Yet I still forget and can't understand why I am so miserable! Thank you for the chart - I have already marked Monday 9 Feb in my diary. Any ideas on how best to deal with it (apart from having a duvet day?)

A duvet day is a great idea but hard to do every month! I havent found any surefire way to deal with it apart for trying to avoid all the things that I crave when in the 'zone'. So healthy food, no alcohol and avoid stressful situations. But sometimes just being aware of it, is enough, at least you dont think you are going mad!!

Jordan Flipsyde

When the love letter, do you still remember? The plot of the story is me!!!!!

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