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January 27, 2009



Ugh. With that hair she looks like a Debbie Harry wannabee from 30 years ago, and the outfit is straight from 'Fifth Element' (ok, not the boots). Madonna stopped being an icon for anything other than gay men years ago, and you'd think they'd have more sense, frankly.

That body is just not attractive. Too hard, and only looking that good due to Photoshopping, I'm sure. I bet in real life, close up and naked she looks poorly.

Well, you did ask.....


like himindoors says: 'i like wimin with curves rather than edges' although in the same breath he said 'she looks good for a 50-year-old'.
For me, the moment Madge messed with her facial features she stopped being my role-model. Her body is cool, and if she gets off pumping iron like a super turbo engine, then so be it (although a bit along the lines of Marv's comments above, she stopped looking feminine a long long time ago).To me it's the face that's the total passion killer. She looks weirdly older than before, plastic, no character, the essence of her is gone. She just looks like any other pumped, nipped and tucked dolly. Nope, she don't do it for me no more. I like my wrinkles thank you very much.

The Womens Room

She doesnt look like the type of women you could say 'fancy a glass of white Madge' and still be there two bottles later, that's for sure !!

Osnat Lippa

She is definitely no icon of mine, never has been. In the beginning of her career she had some artistic and creative integrity, she was rebellious and streetwise, but what has she done with all her power?
Become a cliched and tired pumped up and tucked doll like persona. Not attractive, nor smart, just a vacant, hollow and distorted image of middle aged womanhood. Desperately clinging to her youth believing in her eternal path to immortality. Grow up, Madonna, the clock is ticking for you too.

The Womens Room

Thanks for all the brilliant comments, keep them coming. We love to hear what you think, and one of our aims is to get us all talking. I think we all pretty much think the same, get over yourself Madge!
We do think it's important for younger women to have positive role models for growing older and as celebrities seem so influential (sadly we think) who are the women in the public eye, who sum up (metally and physically) how to grow older with dignity, style and grace?
Maybe we should do a Womens Room Top 10 older women. (No surgery or obsessive behaviour allowed!)
Any ideas?

The Womens Room x


I can think of a few but will only mention 3 for now: HELEN MIRREN (of course!) KRISTEN SCOTT THOMAS (i hear you Richard!!! but she ain't that old) and VANESSA REDGRAVE.


Osnat Lippa

I had Helen Mirren and Kristen Scott Thomas also on my list but I can add Meryl Streep, Michelle Obama and Orla Kiely.

Osnat Lippa

I had Helen Mirren and Kristen Scott Thomas on my list as well.
I'll add Meryl Streep, Michelle Obama and Orla Kiely to the list.
It's actually not that easy to come up with names of inspiring women that are high profile but to me a lot of the women I meet and see every day some are my friends some not who are working very hard to bring up their families,look after their homes, maintain a career,cater for grumpy husbands or children, look after elderly parents and do it with dignity and style,or without, they are my heroes or should I say heroines.


Angelica Houston has to go on the list somewhere - for just being fabulous in films like Royal Tenenbaums and Darjeeling Ltd (hippy retreat in India anyone?). I guess hanging out with Helmut, Yves and Manolo in the 70s helps for kudos factor.

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