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January 22, 2009



being a neighbour of those oh-so stylish Italians I have to say that there is something to be said for a man in a scarf. The Italians have always, since I can remember, worn them with such effortlessness and skill - and unlike my husband's initial scornful remarks ("He just looks like puff wearing THAT!")I can guarantee that there ain't nothing more manly and utterly devastating than a well turned out Italian in his scarf. Their partiality to scarves is admittedly quite amusing - think of a male Imelda Marcos with a penchant not so much for shoes, but for lusciously knitted and very tactile scarves...) I'm convinced that every self-respecting Italiano (and let's face it, there's loads of them)has a ridiculously woman-sized collection and approaches the wearing of such an accessory with the usual seriousness and effortlessness which might otherwise be reserved for the gay community. However, by simply being Italian and having a natural concern for his appearance, the Italiano pulls it off with sex appeal in spades as well as a good dose of manliness. Even my husband has now gone from his initial remarks to silent admiration, to the point where they have now become a bit of a winter staple even in his wardrobe. In fact he looks LUSH when he's got his scarf on and sports a few days' stubble - but please don't tell him otherwise he'll want to have sex!
Anyway, all this because I looked at your lovely Sartorialist entry - note the Italian bloke on bike with scarf.
So what do you lot think about men in scarves?


Steffi we love men in scarves, particularly italian ones. I think that, along with the Man Bag, men in the UK have rather improved their attitude to accessories in the last few years. My husband can do a few clever things with scarves now and has even, on occasions nicked a pashmina (I have a giant collection). Very new-man.

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