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February 22, 2009


Osnat Lippa

I thought it was such a cruel way to show Judy in a national paper. When we reach a certain age there are very few photos of ourselves that we like, and many more that we do not want anyone else to see. Vanity or no vanity, we are all sensitive about not wanting to look old.
God knows how many digital photos of myself I have deleted, gone forever from my memory and anyone else's. But poor Judy, she will be stuck with that image of herself forever, the unforgiving shot that shows her as she is, a woman of a certain age that has never tried to hide it but still Im sure will be very unhappy that the rest of the world can see her like that too.
In a way I'm sure she regrets not having a touch of make up on her and a better hair that day. It's ok for us who are not in the public eye to go out without make up and not worry about being caught by a paparazzi but much harder for a celebrity to do it with no consequences. I do not envy their lives, thank you very much, I like my anonymity!


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