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February 24, 2009



ok ok ok ok, now ladies. I love Tilda. She's bloody gorgeous in that other-worldly unconventional kind of way. A true icon. But, here, and this is a first, is where I do not agree with The Women's Room: 'older woman'.....? At 47????? OLDER BLOODY WOMAN? You've got to be joking! I would not class a 47 year old woman as 'older', no way. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm completely paranoid having myself recently entered the realm of the 40's. Anyway, it struck a chord with me, this 'older woman' thing and it's ok to voice my opinion, right? No really c'mon now, 47 isn't old. And I just refuse to be classified as 'older' it sounds too horrible. Forgive my outburst. Can we not come up with a different way of defining the gloriously fabulous ladies in our age group?
I still remain your most ardent reader and follower, always. x

The Womens Room

You are SO right, we meant older than the average Hollywood actress but we are changing it right now.
The Womens Room x


I so agree, but what do we call ourselves then? we struggle with this middle ground of age and desperately need a new word, but I'm blowed if i can can up with one that works......I think we need help from our readers..

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