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May 26, 2009



That shop is expensive but darn it, you're right. The quality seems really good and the clothes...well, I can't deny when I get sent their handbooks I want everything! Even though so far the only thing I own from there are the pretty tags you pictured and their handbooks, next time I go I might get myself something. Although for me, who thinks 20 times before buying a £5 shirt in the sale, it'll probably be eBay :) The quality debate is actually quite interesting; the other day I said goodbye to a pair of shoes from New Look that were bought for £3 and have lasted me at least 3 years!! Compared to a pair of plimsoles that were £17 from Jaeger that got a hole in the sole after 2 years' wear (must admit I wore them almost every day though).

But I'm surprised that your kids think of Gap as cheap, I think it's actually pretty decent stuff and not for the cheapskates!


Shush, don't tell people about the cafe. That's MY private caff!!

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