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June 29, 2009


Kairu Yao

Nearly everything Rene Russo wore in The Thomas Crown Affair was by Michael Kors, then riding high on the luxurious minimalism (rich fabrics, simple lines, a flourish of detail) of the late 1990's. The exception was, I think, the black evening gown in the ball scene, which I seem to recall was by Nino Cerruti, but I can't be sure.

She may have been incredibly thin (not surprising, given Russo is a former model - although actually I seem to remember that she commented on being considered not thin enough to be a model) but she looked mature, confident, sexy, completely in command of herself. I must watch this again.

Deborah Welsh

Hear! Hear! I loved Rene's style in this movie too. I've been searching for those boots for years... I'd give anything to know who made them. Anyone know? Email me at dewelsh444@gmail.com

Go Rene!

adriana moya

hello i have been searching for those boots too. did you ever find them?


The closest I've found to those boots is the Doc Martins with the black sole, not clear. My boyfriend ordered them for me for Christmas.

Bianka Escobedo

I have been looking for the white coat with the white fur collar that she wears in car scene after having dinner and she is given the BVulgari jewerly. Any idea? Email biankayleon@yahoo.com


I want the boots Thomas' daughter is wearing..its in the scene when she is in bed and Rene walks in thinking he may be cheating but turns our he's just with his daughter..
The daughter is wearing these amazing black boots and i can't seem to ever find them..
Anyone knows where i can find them or who makes them?

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