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July 25, 2009


The Womens Room

But at least you werent invisible to him, thats what I find sad, when I look at handsome young men (now I do sound old) and know I am invisible to them cos of my age. I now find myself thinking, I'd be really proud if my son turns out like that!


I guess, but the giant size blow to the ego made me want to weep with self pity. But I would be proud if i was his mum as he was totally charming and clearly very well brought up.

Sue Evans

Come on Amanda -- tell him it's not the chocolate you want on top ..........


Well we can all dream Sue, he was dashingly handsome but put me well and truly in my place....I think I need tips off Madonna!

sue evans

When's middleaged-mum doing another post, I am mjissing her !!

The Womens Room

Very soon, middlagedmum has just spent three weeks 24/7 with the family and feels a post coming on !!!

J xx


i almost spit out my tea!!! Hilarious and horrifying.

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