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July 11, 2009


Elspeth Thompson

LOVING the kitchen pics! And how funny that I nearly bought a load of those churchy prayer-book back chairs for our kitchen (in the end I didn't as my husband, a vicar's son, said he didn't really want them in the house - fair enough!
I have had an idea for Women's Hour which I think you would be brilliant co-contributors to (bad grammar sorry!)
It is something close to my heart (campaign to Bring Back the Patch as in mending clothes with pride) - something I feel very strongly about (and have written about in our Homemade book - can I send you a copy?) - and the idea for the radio took shape when someone who is friends with the wonderful Maureen Doherty at Egg told me she feels the same.
I think it could be great fun - and has a real point and relevance today... the idea is to do it STYLISHLY - more pretty and quirky than Waltons.
Let me know what you think...
x Elspeth

The Womens Room

We love the idea of bringing back the patch and think its a great idea. My mum brought me up to patch and darn!! We would love to get together on the womens hour idea.
We have a copy of the book (and LOVE it)We are also big fans of Egg (is Maureen a reader of the womens room, I wonder?)
Would love to talk more, Jane and Amanda x

The Womens Room

We'd love to feature your kitchen Elspeth ?(and Ros's?) Jane x

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