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July 07, 2009



"With increasing age comes the desire to admire rather than actually wear towering heels...."

No way womens room!

With increasing age comes the freedom to rid yourself of the starting blocks that launched you after errant small children; the knowledge that you can always opt for the taxi instead of standing around for the night bus; the certainty that skin will sag, bag and loosen in many areas but seldom the ankles; the luxury of time to indulge your inner vamp as, calves tightened, you gently slip into five inches of butt-tightening, arch-lengthening, entrance-making...pure...un-adulterated...heaven.

Where was I? Oh, yes heels rule. OK?

The Womens Room

While we agree they do look good. Do you have any tips as to how to actually walk in them without looking like Dick Emery dressed as the vicar, in that well known British comedy programme. Or are we missing the point?
The womens room xxx


Sorry, although I regularly log on to TWR I had missed your reply.
After 10mins prancing round the kitchen in 5" heels the only thing that came to mind was the motto my mother used to instill in us as children "shoulders back, chest out, stomach in....."

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