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July 16, 2009



I love COS. I did think Viv Groskop a tad negative the other day - it's really not that bad. But then I didn't like the outfit she was photographed in, not particularly flattering given her previous complaints, I think. Toast I always love the pics in the catalogue but am terribly disappointed seeing the stuff in the flesh - I think they are culprits of the 'pin it in hard at the back, no-one can see' photograph. The lines / silhouette are / is never the same as the pic. And why do they use such skinny, young models when I would swear no-one that young ever buys from them? I can understand this (I might not like it, but I understand it) in Vogue & on catwalks, but not in a 'brand' catalogue such as this.

Dinah Hall

Totally agree. I love Cos so much that I fear the Westfield branch may soon take out an injunction order to stop me lurking amongst the rails. The secret of dressing well at our age is to know the limitations of our body shapes but to have the confidence to occasionally break out in to something just a little age inappropriate. Like my boyfriend (should that be husband?) jeans from Cos; with the crotch hanging down somewhere near my knees I do look a bit like a short-arsed hobbit - but a cool one, according to my sixteen year old daughter. Whistles is also great. I restrict myself to those two shops, with a judicious bit of Topshop and Marks & Spencer Autograph thrown in and at the age of 54 I have never been happier with my wardrobe. (And yes, Vivien Groskop badly needed styling - but then what can you expect of the Daily Mail?)

The Womens Room

I dont think Viv would mind us saying, she agrees with you on the styling front. (definately the Daily Mails fault) We also agree with you about sometimes wearing the odd age inapropriate item. The great thing about being older is caring less about what others (especially men) think and just going for it! We are often found trawling through the racks at Top Shop, but never on a Saturday. That would be a step too far!

The Womens Room x


I so agree about the Toast models. Another brand that should know better who shows her stuff on 17 yr olds is Margaret Howell. When I go to the MH sale (only plausable time to buy considering the prices)it's always stuffed with the over 40s, 50s and 60s. Not a skinny young thing in sight. I'd make a bet that MH sells at least 70% of her clothes to us oldies, yet she insists on showing on the young. Wouldn't it be great if just one retailer showed us it understood we want role models too? AC

Kate Evans

I agree that it is much harder to find good things that fit on the high street when you are over 35 - as a great Zara fan of old I find that suddenly I seem to have "grown out" of Zara - not stylistically but somehow nothing looks right any more.
The solution in my view is to shop in a good boutique. Here you should find an edited selection of the season, tailored to work for their customer profile, so if you find the boutique that suits you, more than half the hard work should be done.
I also think that there is less price difference now between the better end of the high street(Reiss, Karen Millen, Whistles) and collections traditionally stocked in boutiques like By Malene Birger or Velvet, both of which consistently work for the over 35's. It's possibly a case of less thats really good is better than more.

The Womens Room

Totally agree with you on Zara. We used to get so excited when we went to Paris and could stock up. Then when it came to London it seemed to loose its appeal. Think it has lost something somewhere.
We love Marlene Brirger and agree about shopping in boutiques, more edited choice and all round a better shopping experience.
The Womens Room x


Fabulous article. It's already been sent to many of my friends.

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