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July 24, 2009


Sue Evans

Lordie Jane I wished you had written this earlier. I am committing a sartorial faux pas in extremis today as I am wearing LEGGINGS ........purple ones at that.
What are the rules on 50+ers wearing a tuxedo, tutu and Doc Martin combo ? It was my fave in the 80s. Can it be revisited with a Freedom Pass ?

The Womens Room

And I bet you look very fabulous in them too. There are certain exptions to rule and you are definately one of them. Cos if I know you, you will be wearing them with a fabulous embroidered ethnic smock dress over the top. Now that is very acceptable.
Jane x

Sue Evans

Phew !! What a relief that I haven't been banished to fashion purgatory ( although come to think of it, fashion IS purgatory most of the time)and you are partially right, I am wearing the aforesaid leggings with a purple Paisley(sad to say polyester) smock from Zara. I am gearing up to the Princess Ann chino look. With formal shoes obviously ....
Sue x

The Womens Room

Thinking of writing a guide to dressing innapropriatly as sometimes rules dont apply and thats one of the brilliant things about getting older, you simply dont care what people think anymore !! Within reason ofcourse !!
J x

Sue Evans

Well you know it's quite sad because I totally agree with your comment on Amanda's hot coffee-shop bod today -- that men just don't notice us anymore when you get to a certain age ( and just you wait until your waving your Freedom pass like me )-- I dress inappropiatley because I never think anyone looks at me anymore. Age makes you feel invisible ...... hence the people who I see move away when I'm waiting for the bus of a morning.


Hello from the other side of the pond. Actually way over in Seattle, WA. I came upon your blog whilst doing research on the name "The Women's Room" for a speaking series I'm working on.

Anyway - I love your blog and did have a few good chuckles on the dressing casually topic. The west coast is ultra casual so it's very easy to fall down the slippery slope of fleeces and sweat pants especially heading to the market or walking the dog.

You have given me inspiration to reconsider my wardrobe!

cheers, karin

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