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September 13, 2009


That's Not My Age

That is genius - I want one. Just ordered a new Mac so guess I need to get myself down to Dover Street Market to buy it a brush!


Oh I've always wanted one of these.


Ladies I have been using mine all weekend it is so lovely, my computer has never been so clean.


I SO need one of these, cant wait to get down to Labour and Wait, wish they sold online.


I always thought I was a tidy eater, until I tipped my lap-top upside down at work. How does all that food get in there?!! I'm a secret tipper now, so the pig bristle brush is something I could confidently use in public. But I thought computer screens shouldn't be touched by anything harsher than a lint-free cloth, preferably cupro? Not sure about using a brush, even a cashmere-goaty one.......


aaah good old Labour and Wait - my long lost friend rache....if you are reading this HELLOOOO. Danielle xxxxxxx ps they do do mail order folks

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Is it ok to vacuum my computer keyboard with the soft brush attachment set on LOW suction?
A computer salesman told me this is the best way to clean it followed by a computer cleaning wipe.

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Is there any kind of computer software for Printing words with an air brush effect?
I want to make some t-shirts for my sons class and i want to be able to just do it on the computer and print it on an iron on transfer


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