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October 18, 2009


sue evans

OOohh don't you just hate those changing room tangles with that garment that lookd like it might just fit. I had a near hysteria moment trying on the All Saints parachute dress. Well it looked forgiving on the hanger, all those drapey bits perfect for concealing lumps and bumps, but the lumps and bumps quickly turned into HUGE protrusions wedging me immobile with the dress halfway over my head. A nightmare on wheels never to be repeated .....


gawd - the panic attack and adrenelin rush are kicking in just reading this.....so hideously true. I made a skirt at the weekend, rather nice emerald green with a bird print on and the only drama was remembering how to do the waistband (it's been a long time!) but no dressing room crisis...just me in my bedroom...quite a joy and free except for the cost of the zip (i already had the fabric)


Glad i am not the only one who feels like this. Remember the days when you didn't even have to bother to try anything on. You just knew it would look good. Oh the joys of being young and skinny!!

That's Not My Age

Had a similar experience in Ghost this summer - not the head trapped in layers of jersey - the gorgeous young assistant was wearing a pair of the Minimalist leggings and looking pretty cool. Feeling inspired, I tried a pair on and felt like the back end of a pantomine horse. Needless to say I opted for another very flattering black dress instead. Ho hum...


I have a rule that if it takes me more than 20 seconds to figure out how it goes on, it's a no. I have a train to catch in the morning and don't have time to deal with complicated layers and crossover systems.


Actually All Saints are the worst culprits. Sometimes you can barely work out what the garment is, and its a huge risk when trying something on. It will either look totally hideous or be amazing. But personally I can't bear to even try!!

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