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October 28, 2009



Yes, I know exactly what you mean ;-)

I read your blog everyday - so glad I found it.

Ulla, mum of 2 teenage boys, Denmark


Oh, it's like having you sat opposite me, I can SOOOOO hear you saying all of this. I laughed and laughed and laughed. Thanks for middleagedmum.com, my absolute favourite bit on the WR, as well as all the rest :)


Just coming up to being a grandmother will have to remember it is darling daughters job to say these things now.

DD reminds me of the time I said "don't be so childish" to a group of 3 year olds sat in the back of the car making poo jokes.


Oh, Middleagedmum, you do make me laugh. How about "in my day we could entertain ourselves for hours with just a cardboard box".
Or "a simple pair of scuffed plimmies (then explain the meaning) and we were happy. Branding was something farmers did to cows".

sue evans

Mmmm yes, I too have turned into my mother. Can't quite believe I got on a bus the other day and battled to the only seat at the back to be confronted by a callow youth with his feet on the seat I was about to take. I stared him out until he moved his size 9s and heard my mother say, "It's isn't smart and it isn't clever" ..... ooh no, it wasn't her it was me .....
He DID get off the next stop.


Its comforting to know we are all the same! 'It's not big and it's not clever' is another favourite of mine too, as is 'there's no such word as bored'. i also like to challenge youths as much as possible. We are only one stick away from bashing them with an umbrella. An I bet Sue has one with a head on the end, like Mary Poppins1


By the way, Ulla, nice to have you with us! Thanks for reading us and hope those teenage boys are fun to be with, Ax

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