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October 22, 2009


Sue Evans

Oh.My.God ..... I simply cannot wait -- can't believe I am out of the country when my favourite store opens in London and one opening on the Kings Rd is going to make my Saturday Waitrose shop a whole new experience -- it's going to be sited right opposite !
I am just hoping and praying prices aren't exhorbitant and that they are going to cater for us lumpy-bumpy ladies size-wise. If not I WILL be wearing those gorgeous pinnies ( was that a FRILLED one I saw on the picture ?)as a dress .....
Sue, currently in Tallinn x


Prices are ok, not cheap, but worth it to have something different to your average high St shop. A great contrast to our other favourite Regent St shop COS, from one extreme to the other. Noticed that Hoss is on Regents St too. Its a bit of a retail destination for Womens Room shoppers. Get straight off the plane and into a cab .


bloody hell OMG I can't wait to raid the store when I get over to London in December. I may not have to spend anything AT ALL between now and then but in any case I find that nowadays even visiting a store (without buying) gives me TREMENDOUS pleasure, the buying part I can actually do without. That's a bit weird I know but it's true. So in any case it'll be a huge treat for me to visit such sumptuous retail divinity after living here totally deprived of a decent bloody fashion store. And your pictures (they're lovely) have really given me a taste of what this wonderful shop is like, I'm so going to be inspired when I go there. I know it. You know, if you keep posting these type of explicit retail photos I may never even have to enter a real shop again... but that's another subject, isn't it?


The pricing is a little confusing. I bought an embroidered tea towel in the Rockerfella store the other week for $18. The same tea towel in the regent street store is GBP £22. The international transactional website prices it at GBP £11.29 but then when you proceed to checkout it adds tax and shipping and updates this price to $55.17! So it's definitely far cheaper to shop in the US but then I guess it depends how much you've fallen in love with the product.


Am currently in New York and Jane's story on this has made me go out and buy from the Anthropologie around the corner, am coming back ready to be an Anthro girl! Ax


I totally share your excitement and respect for this outstanding store. Am in retail myself and have been in awe of this company since first visiting their stores in America 10 years ago......my absolute favourite retail experience in the whole world.

Osnat Lippa

It was a great day for me when Anthropologie opened here in Toronto in the summer two shops, one in Yorkville downtown, an exclusive shoping area and one in an outdoor shopping centre up north called Don Mills. Finally I felt, I can find clothes in Toronto that are different, original and suit my style and enjoy a shopping experience like no other.I must say that the shop in London Regent St looks from the pictures much more impressive than the ones here that look more like the ones I have seen in the states. However the experience of shopping in any Anthropologie store is non the less the same, AMAZING!

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I love the white coat, very fabulous.


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