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December 09, 2009


lee randall

Darlings, I do this all the time, always updating and trying to perfect, and when I spoke to Nicky Haslam about it (he is also guilty of the habit) he told me David Hicks (think) christened these assemblages "tablescapes", which i think is a pretty definitive phrase, regardless of where they reside! x


ooo love that term, will be using it from now on at every opportunity. J x


Tablescapes! I totally love it! It must be fine to do if there is an official word for it, 'specially if it's come from Mr Haslam...who I suspect should be an honorary Women's Room reader...I guess my arranged piles of fruit/veg could be called organic tablescapes? Axx


How about a shelfarama? For me this is a natural obsession and also a guilty pleasure, probably brought on by the fact that i'm a windowdresser by trade. Small groupings as they are known in the industry!


yes yes yes! I totally get this, it is one of my favourite pastimes! I will try and blog my version this weekend x


So glad I'm not the only one with this obsession, loving this time of year, as Christmas provides so many opportunities for shelf curating/tablescapes/small groupings/shelfarama's!

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