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January 19, 2010



Oh how I love those pictures! I must visit the shop. And YOU must visit Rye where the old-fashioned junk shop, though fashionable among the DFL (Down From Londoners) at weekends, is still alive and kicking and still (mostly) very reasonably priced. Down at the quayside is a tiny shop, only corridor-wide, owned by a woman after Elke's heart. She presides in a chair at the very end (there is only room for a single file of shoppers between the jam-packed shelves on either wall) and knows EXACTLY where everything is, down to the last dog-eared Penguin paperback.
But where is the next generation of such people? On Ebay, you are so right.
And I could rant on for hours about the bland homogenised 'niceness' of shops now.. You could go into Habitat and many other places blindfold and pick ten pieces that would all be 'sort of nice' and would all 'sort of' go together, but not in a way that makes a home warm and individual and truly stylish. To exercise my 'eye' these days - for a nice find or a bargain - I like old-fashioned department stores (again thin on ground now) like Morleys in Brixton, church bazaars and jumble sales or weekly street markets. Lovely little boutique shops are all very well, but someone else has done all the fun work for you - and naturally hoicked the prices up because of it.
Blaa blaa blaa.
Still loving your blog. I love mine, but can't seem to make the time to post more than once a week. May be starting a gardening one tho too this spring.
xx Elspeth


SO so so agree with Elspeth, I am sick of over merchandised, thought out shops that leave nothing to the imagination. I am also a lover of Church Bazaars and odd shops down back streets in seaside towns. I particularly love hardware stores in the UK and abroad and could spend hours looking at doilies and sticky back plastic. Perhaps we start a list of everyones favourites, but then there is always the danger of the DFL's (and sadly we are they, but with a country sensibility) finding out about them!! What was that fab book Amanda featuring lovely old shops that had been the same for years?

J x


And after I'd written this I remembered jumble sales.....where most of my wardrobe came from for about 5 years while a student....Elspeth get that gardening blog going, I'll be sending you pictures of my falling-to-bits grenhousestuffed with baby seedlings....Ax


The book was called 'shutting up shop'...I'll post about it tomorrow! Ax


Hastings is totally brilliant for junk shops and fish and chips just watch out for the big seagulls who will literally crash land on your head to get their beaks in ........dirty dirty dirty.


OOh a day out in Hastings, with fish and chips AND junk shops...now you're talking. Ax

Sue Evans

Can I come -- I love Hastings .....

Juicy Couture Bags

where did u find the bird, does it not on the tree?

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