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January 27, 2010



Oh I love your post. I am only just starting to realise how irrelevant I am to the world now that I am the big 4-0 and I'm fighting it all the way. I just love that you are actually trying out the cellulite knickers - and your breakfast conversations could be sensational over the coming week !!!!

Good luck with them and I look forward to hearing how your thighs fair - sadly I will be unable to join you on your quest - big knickers in 45 degree heat is not a good combination !!!!


Hi Becky and no, I would NOT want to be wearing these knickers in heat....very comfortable today in the cold of London, but not sure what would happen with too much sweating! Best not think about it....Ax


Oh this is fantastic. OK they're not the height of glamour, but I'm sure these knickers are just the start and the Big Offers will soon follow. Lets all get behind Jane and Amanda and give them our support......(honestly, no pun intended)
Looking forward to the next update.

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I usually wear this kind of attire whenever I play basketball. It is very comfortable when I use it.

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I have a cabinet full of these wonderful and comforting knickers. I use them daily in doing my basketball routines.

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Whenever I buy these on the clothing store I usually pick out the Nike brand. I get comfort in using them.


I have to say ladies that over the last few days here in London it has been pretty chilly and Jane and I have been glad of our big knickers, as they also keep you lovely and warm. I love the idea of using the sports brands pants, I must admit ours do look quite sporty.

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haha i love knickers.

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Reducing cellulite is a big challenge. Thighs are the worst hit place in the body and its takes huge time to dissolve it.

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