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January 31, 2010



I really envy you in the UK Spring and Autumn - here in Oman we just get hot or not quite as hot ! It's chilly today with an early morning temperature of 19 degrees C !

I am so sorry to hear about your Mum - when I was living in the UK I always loved to compare gardening notes with my Mum too - and although my Mum is still around I can no longer compare notes with her as I live in a vastly differenct climate - and I miss that enormously.


Thanks Becky, I love the fact that as soon as I posted this we had a fresh dump of snow! I felt a bit silly but actually the sun is really shining so despite the cold spring is definitely on the way. I am quite envious of the Oman warmth today, although I can imagine how you miss those seasonal changes. Axx

The Galloping Gardener

Lovely to be thinking of spring during this terrible cold snap in Europe and the US!

Electronic Cigarette

I cant wait for the warm weather to peak its head again.

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