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January 23, 2010


That's Not My Age

Hope your kids haven't been using the F U C K keys!


Sadly, teenagesons can be very creative with their swear words, altho so far have avoided committing anything to paper that's likely to get them a strong reprimand from me. Ax


Your readers may find the diagram in the following link useful when describing typewriter parts - http://site.xavier.edu/POLT/TYPEWRITERS/tw-parts.html



I remember borrowing Mum's typewriter to type out my thesis. The stress caused by the Tippex paper (snow-pake, or something, was it?) when bashing down the offending key to white-out the incorrect letter, only to get that letter then stuck on the key of the correct one and having to carefully pick it off. Oh, for the 'delete' key then!


I think that the letter 'l' - lower case, also does duty as the number 1 on typewriter's of this vintage - seem to remember that from days of using one at work in the distant past. One good thing about modern computer keyboards is that they are a lot quieter than old typewriter's, the clatterof some typists was really distracting.


Thanks Janet, and yes the letters are REALLY hard to bash down on, it's takes real determined effort to knock out a word, but it looks very lovely when it's on the page....Ax

Elizabeth D

Use lower case L for numeral one. I'm an editor; still get computer files from older authors where I have to change l to 1 to make sense!

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