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February 01, 2010



Oh my goodness, how can I follow THAT reader's kitchen? How amazing.
Now I wondered if it was not too cheeky to ask your advice on something, in the manner of a fashion agony aunt? It might possibly provide the makings of a post...
In July this year one of my oldest friends gets married in Scotland. it is a second wedding, and she is in her late 40s - not particularly tall 5ft6ish - and curvaceous rather than slim; not classically beautiful but rather splendid looking with strong features and amazing head of curly red hair. She has asked me to help find her a dress, which I am so happy and excited to do: but where to go?
I am thinking Personal Shopping at Selfridges in London... and see what they come up with. But are you by any chance able to suggest anything else for a wedding at a certain age...? Vintage might be rather splendid if we could get a good fit.
She has enough £ to go quite designer if necessary. Vivienne Westwood?
I got married (age 37) in a long English Eccentrics long purple velvet number with a bias cut train...
Anyway, I won't crowd up your comments any more!
Many thanks in anticipation if you should have a moment or two to think about this conundrum....
Love the snowdrops, too....
x Elspeth


Isnt it amazing, I have been there and it's even better in real life. Oh for that view, rather than the urban brick wall I have (thank God I have a view in Suffolk)
What about suggesting the truely fabulous vintage shop in Islington My Sugarland. The dresses are divine and all in perfect condition. In fact the last time I was in there I was saying I wish I could get married again just so that I could wear one. They are having a wedding styling evening on the 3rd of March. I will send you the PDF. I think it would be perfect. I will also have a think about some other alternatives.


In fact Elspeth I will write a post on it. thanks


a beautiful kitchen made all the more beautiful by the surrounding landscape. I think modern is so incredibly cool when the setting is just right, as it is here.


Many thanks for reminding me of My Sugarland - looks great. I love the vintage and designer under same roof.
x Elspeth


I'm offering up my own kitchen for this feature in the interest of keeping it real.


Would love to see it Jen, send us some pics.


Send those pictures Jen! you know the questions to answer too...send them to our emails on the blog here.

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I love the modern styling of this house.

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