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February 03, 2010



I so agree with this whole article. While not wanting to say horrible things about a bright 13 year old it's hard to see how relevant she can be in terms of influence. Perhaps Catwalk is the New School?


Don't think I would want my daughter to be entering that world at such a young age. I just hope it doesn't put her off for life!


why has the 13 year old got the grey hair and the 60 year old the dark brown hair?


It's a fashion thing !!


Pastel hair Daahhrliiing, is the colour de jour....(didn't it used to be called a 'blue rinse')

Sue Evans

Sorry, but just what does a 13 year old child ( for that is what she is) bring to the world of fashion other than she likes to dress up ( didn't we all at 13 ?) and yes, she looks cute. But to me it's about the same as a fanatically nerdy know-his-stuff 13 year football supporter being given the best seat at the cup final. And if I ever found her in my front row seat, I wouldn't be Tweeting or Twittering, I'd be roaring !! Like a lot of over-hyped digital-age stuff, my guess is poor old Tavi will soon be discarded like last year's frock. How sad to be a has-been at 13 .....


sitting on the fence here (well not actually) - on the one hand i think she looks stupid and manufactured and way too coordinated for a 13 year old - if i thought that it was entirely her own styling then maybe it's cool and no different from multiple piercings and pink spikey hair which you could argue looks stupid too - however I am very suspicious of any parent that is happy for a child this age to be thrust into the limelight and put on a pedestal like some guru.....utterly shameful and equally shameful that the fashion pack pander to it all.

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Now thats a bow!

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