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March 14, 2010



I love those COS t's with the thumb holes. Mine gave me a lovely cosy double-layer under my gloves through winter. And they wash well without twisting.


Thanks for this, being petite means these finer layers look better for me. Big chunky jumpers swamp me but unfortunately this did not stop me going through a long phase of wearing them!

Older and wiser now,(she says, hopefully!)I also like the idea of the capris under shorter summer dresses. A way of baring the legs without actually showing flesh that is no longer quite as firm.


ladies, I took my layers to Las Vegas last week -including the COS T shirt- and I would have not survived without them. It was cold! (what's that all about? it's the desert)so put Ts and capris on to keep warm while still looking smart (it was a work trip). Also the COS T washes BRILLIANTLY and drip sdries over night, I need a whole load more.....


Maybe you need to look further afield for pictures of layering. I moved to New Zealand 5 years ago and they are layering queens. It is born from the need to keep warm in un heated houses, wind and a sun that causes cancer. it took me a long time to get used to but they have whole fashions and shops that focuses on layers. Look at Metalicus - an Aussie label.

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