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March 19, 2010



Very strong post and I totally agree with you. I find it very worring that a whole greneration of girls/young women are being pumped with this crap.


I have to confess I have a soft spot for Kendra, she is not from this planet.

But yes, I'm trying to think who I hold up as a feminist icon, and I cna't think of anyone except for my close friends.

Should have taken her to this when it was on:


It was a hoot, and standing naked next to Lynn Barber singing Jerusalem was one of the best things I ever did!


I do agree...the pornification of young women, the way it's become so general is very worrying.
We are basically back to objectifying women again.


Reality TV is the cheapest form of entertainment and I somehow think that our kids are smarter than that and know that this land populated by fake plastic brainless young women or men for that matter is just what it is....cheap entertainment. I hope they do anyhow, my kids do not watch TV hardly at all, they prefer their computer or video games or a DVD. I think the nature of broadcasting is changing and those are just the last few desperate attempts to capitalize on something that soon will not exist. When you can download almost anything you want for free these days why bother with crap TV.


Thank you for addressing this. I wonder about some strange media plan to push women backwards, and to keep young women manipulable (sp?). No, I'm not usually paranoid, but this horrible agenda seems so consistent and invasive.

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