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March 17, 2010



Saw this clip at the Curzon last week, on the big screen it looked fab - a must see. FYI just saw in the Times that Margaret Howell has a sample sale 25-26 March, The Music Rooms, W1K 5AB.


You are ahead of us Cathy, MH sample sale is tomorrows post!! thanks
J x




mmm, AND it's got heavy Italian flavour (not just the food, but the language and the "ambiente") - always a plus point for us here in Ticino. Lovely. Cannot wait. Agree with you, Tilda S just gets better and better. Have a slight feeling that she hasn't even reached her peak yet. Am reminded of Katherine Hepburn, goodness knows why. Maybe the inner strength that radiates.

Osnat Lippa

Anything that Tilda Swinton does is a must see. I just adore her talent and uniqueness.Saw on DVD recently a very little known independent film with her called Julia, where she plays an American woman who is down and out but who embarks on a major and complicated kidnap plot for money but actually ends up finding love(from the child she kidnaps). It's not a masterpiece but she is so good in it, it captures your heart. She is also great in the Pringle ad campaign http://www.pringlescotland.com/
Can't wait to see her latest role.


Must see this. I love Swinton (as the gofugyourself girls call her). She is so unique.

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