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March 05, 2010


That's Not My Age

Love the golf course and the halter neck all-in-one on the yacht.

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I have my summer must haves and tips. But what are yours? Maybe I can learn something new, or pick up something to add to mine. I mean beauty tips, styles you have to have in the summer, make-up, beauty products. Anything you love during the summer :) It can even be music!

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Why are some days in summer hotter than others?
I know about the Axis and how there is winter and summer, but why are some days in summer say 30c and other days 40c.

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Hello it's really looking so cool.... I think it was a popular summer fashion in that old day's. really that black n white pics are looking very nice, Thanks for sharing this post.

James, NY

Epi Leather

The last couple of days of sunshine have brightened our spirits no end and finally got us excited about Spring clothes. As Amanda said last week here, stripes are everywhere and look really fresh and easy to wear.

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I really like the dress and the print. There are so many nice feminine dresses popular now. It is so sweet.


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