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April 08, 2010



Yes, I like Boden too....but not everything & not whole outfits!

Just found your blog & will be back for more!

Mrs Joan Hunter Dunn

Just had to say this post really made me smile.

sue evans

Jane, I think that spotted cardie and the striped tops have your name all over them -- they are more you than you.
I love Boden too ( and love the new e-zine they sent out this week)but it doesn't like my shape. Then again, who does ?


Yes, Yes, I'm a Boden woman too and a preppie Yank on top of that. Boden IS cheerful as I am sick to death of black minimalism. It only looks good on stick-thin models below the age of 30.
Plus, these items go with the rest of my LL Bean wardrobe which I'd happily wear to the Academy Awards if I could get away with it!

Ali K

Ooh, I'm glad I've found you! I live in Seattle but am a Brit and have found it difficult to find my style niche ( moved here, got pregnant, had two boys and have regained my figure but don't know where to shop!). You blog is a breath of fresh air and brings me back to a life in the UK! Thank you, I look forward to reading more!

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