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April 23, 2010


Harold Scott

Ok Nesa, I see you really love the kitchen. I'm happy to read your blog, and I'm loving it.

Cynthia Stephenson

Hi Vanesa, this is your favourite Aunt from Trinidd and Tobago - Cynty. You have finally found your niche. I am proud of you.


hi v i think u need to cook 4 me , yes i can see progress my girl


Well baby I must say I love everything that I just was reading and let me say this you can create a meal 4 me anytime you're gods gift to the world and never forget this.

Jezel Ryan

nessa we wee all given a talent and i know for sure yours's is about cooking,you are doing a greta job,so continue doing it to the best that you can.

katasha prout

my cuz gettin on


v this is good stuff, i can wait 2 tast your cookig gil

Outdoor Kitchens


Great looking kitchen!

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