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June 10, 2010



Trying to think of something clever, but in reality would just LOVE to see Peter York and Grayson Perry together. And buy you drinks. So there!

Karen Kay

I would dearly love to attend this with you.... I'm intrigued to hear this debate, as I don't believe Fashion Maketh the Woman, but that Style Maketh the Woman. Paula Reed is the Audrey Hepburn of her generation, and she alone has more elegance than most women ever dream of. None of these participants are 'fashion' led, so I think it could take a fascinating path through the psyche of clothing and costume...

That's Not My Age

I would love to go and Grayson Perry, Paula Reid and Peter York are all That's Not My Age favourites - they've all been featured on my blog - so I think it's only fair....

PS I will bring sweets


hmmm, sweets, tempting. OK ladies out there, we're gonna make up our minds tonight and post the winner tomorrow morning. Anyone else got a better reason for coming with us? post by tonight (Friday) if you are interested.Ax


I love 'fashion' despite the fact that mostly I a) cannot afford it or b)cannot fit into it - witness my annual birthday subscription to Vogue. I love that bit of fantasy once a month! However I never found my true vocation and somehow ended up working in the medical profession! I have just treated myself to a scarf designed by Grayson Perry and would love the opportunity to wear it to an event...


And the winner is.........That's Not My Age!!!!!!!! Well done, it was the sweets that swung it, we'll be in touch!

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