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June 07, 2010



Alastair Campbell - mmmmmm.


Just listened to him on Start The Week, only added fuel to the fire.....Ax


Glad I'm not the only one to have an Alistair Campbell pash...always thought I was a bit eccentric with that one.

Helen in Switzerland

At least Jack Branning is of a certain age - I'm afraid for me it has to be Robert Pattinson in the Twilight films. I'm sure I'm probably older than his mother - how sad and pathetic is that? Oh well, watching him makes me feel like a love-struck teenager all over again (in my dreams!!)


Oh it seems we have an AlCal appreciation society starting here, glad I'm not the only one!!
And I agree about Robert Pattinson Helen, but he's way way too young to consider as a serious crush for me.

J x


Strange you should mention Robert P Helen, he was a fovourite around the pool in Nice last week! We're all old enough to know better....Ax
Also can we add Chris Packham from Springwatch?

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